My Favorite Blings~things that remind me of Bling~Happy Birthday BLING

Art by MichelleMarie

Art by MichelleMarie


All songs about dancing and fun and happiness these are a few of my favorite Bling things!

I could not stop myself I kept thinking of things that remind me of BLING!!!!.
Everything happy reminds me of BLING! She makes me laugh and dance and I even sing to her just ask her! When I need someone in my corner someone to stand up and tell me how awesome I am there’s Bling before I can even utter a word she is there for me. I love YOU Bling! If I knew it was your birthday this morning you would have seen me at your door because I would have flown there myself with my new wings I got for my birthday! Being your friend is  HUGE gift!

LET’S dance and be happy and forget all our troubles and celebrate My Favorite BLING!